Lube Really Does Improve Your Love Life

When did you discover how using lube could improve your sex life? 



For many of us, we may not be able to pinpoint exactly when lubricant became essential for great sex, but almost everyone can agree that at some point in their life, lube became a bedside staple. 


Does Everyone Use Lube? 

Short answer? Pretty much. And if they aren’t using it—they should. 

Studies have found that using lube can make it 50% easier to orgasm. This is because, for women of all ages, lubrication can make sex much more comfortable. 

Research by Indiana University found the use of water-based and silicone-based lubricants was associated with higher ratings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both solo and partnered sex. 

While there are few studies that thoroughly examine the relationship between lubricant use and sexual functioning, there is research that looks at lubes and medical issues, such as dyspareunia (painful sex). A report published in the National Library of Medicine shared that study participants suffering from dyspareunia reported lubricants as being effective at preventing or alleviating pain during sexual activities. 

These positive results seem to all echo one thing – those who use lube during sex, seem to enjoy sex more. 


Bye-Bye Friction 

At its core, lubrication helps prevent friction or dry rubbing, which can make sexual activities range from uncomfortable to painful. 

Friction during sex has been found to cause tearing and abrasions on genitals. Lubricants provide a slick barrier between body parts, allowing for a more comfortable glide. Less friction means people are better able to enjoy the pleasures of human contact. 


Hello Harmony 

Personal lubricants can provide a long-lasting glide to intimate experiences. 

As the research shows, lube can make sex play feel better for women. But men can also benefit from the use of lubrication. 

As men age, their genitals may become less sensitive to sexual stimulation. Often, more time is needed for foreplay and time spent on arousal. Extended arousal time can benefit from lubrication by aiding in longer and more comfortable periods of genital caressing. Whether solo or partnered, penis stroking with lubrication has been reported to feel better than dry stimulation. 

Lubricants can also be used to intensify intimate touch when formulas that offer warming or cooling qualities are used. 


Better Sex 

Using lubricants can be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to dramatically improve your sex life. Research by Indiana University found that using lube made sex better instantly—or in as little as 10 seconds if we’re getting technical. 


Lubricants can also help to make sex last longer. 

And studies also show that using a lubricant may be helpful in avoiding urinary tract infections, which can by caused by friction rubbing against the urethra during sexual activities. Medical experts recommend using lubricant during sex to help reduce friction, help lower the risk of infection, and lessen the spread of bacteria. 


So, no matter what your personal reasons are for adding lube to your love life, it’s clear that lubricants are one easy way to help make sex better.


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