Retailer Profit Program

Your Success is Our Success

Swiss Navy is here to assist our Retail Partners and provide the assistance, training, and resources to help YOU grow your business - and YOUR PROFITS!

Please utilize our assets to help your business flourish and thrive. 


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” - Henry Ford

Here are YOUR Retailer Resources

We have created a Retailer Resource destination to help you and your staff succeed - and MAKE MORE PROFITS! Please enjoy the following assets, all designed to help make your business a success.

  • Are you new to Swiss Navy? Visit our Retailer Resource Center HERE.
  • New Customer Account Form: Register online HERE
  • Are you an E-tailer or do you offer your products for sale online? Find our E-tailer Product Spreadsheet, ready for your immediate use, HERE. (Coming Soon)
  • Looking for an easy way to determine what Swiss Navy products to order? Find our downloadable Digital Catalog HERE
  • Our downloadable MAP Pricing Agreement is ready for your signature HERE.
  • Do you have New Retail Staff Members to train? Find our online Employee Training Resources HERE
  • Certify & Train Your Retail Staff 24/7: Swiss Navy has created an online university where your retail staff members can view training videos, learn all about lubricants and supplements, and be trained & certified as a Swiss Navy Certified Expert HERE

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