Using Supplements for Biohacking Sexual Health Goals

Let’s get right to the point - What is BIOHACKING?

Biohacking in a nutshell is do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions

And believe it or not, some common biohacking techniques that are becoming quite popular, such as meditation, supplements, and intermittent fasting, have been around for thousands of years.

Many people are looking to improve their lives, not realizing that these new health crazes have been around since ancient times.


DIY Biohacking

Some people refer to DIY biohacking as garage biology because scientific experts share biohacking techniques and information with others, allowing more people to conduct experiments on themselves outside of a constrained environment. These techniques and information usually focus on microbiology and nutrition. 


What can Biohacking do?

Biohacking is also called Human Enhancement—and for good reason. For many, biohacking is a way to fix flaws and to use products, like daily supplements, to make themselves more superhuman 

Quite a few people want to go beyond traditional medicine and health routines. By using biohacking methods that may seem unconventional, people can work toward better health, overall healing, slowing the aging process, and performing at their optimal peak. 


Biohacking can be done in small, incremental changes.


First, a person should consider what part of their life and health they wish to improve. Perhaps they want to perform better intimately, ramp up body function, or obtain results faster. Whatever their focus is, there is most likely a biohack that can help. 

External Biohacking

You’ve probably noticed that technology-based biohacking has come a long way. Almost a third of our population wear Fitbits or Smartwatches to track their body’s data. There is also an abundance of medical biohacking devices, such as wearable blood and glucose monitors. 

The common goal with all these external biohacking devices is to provide people with options to improve their health and their bodily functions. 

Internal Biohacking

Let me introduce you to a relatively new term – Nootropics. 

Nootropics are one popular form of biohacking that involves a group of substances that can be taken in an edible form. Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs” can include tablets, supplements, foods, and drinks that may help boost a person's performance. 

While there are prescription nootropics that have medicinal value, there are also daily supplements that encourage a body to perform in its best manner. 


How Can Someone Start?

While it’s always advised to speak to a medical professional before starting a new biohacking therapy, there is plenty of information available that can be helpful in making choices. 

Biohacking at its essence is a way for a person to understand and manipulate their own unique biology through nutritional factors and lifestyle changes. 

Meditation, blue light therapy, and intermittent fasting are common places to start for external practices. While supplements can be a good place to begin for an internal biohacking method.

Be sure to consider what an individuals’ goals are when choosing which modality to begin with. And as they try biohacks, they should be advised to pay attention to their overall wellness, performance, and productivity. 


Biohack with Supplements

Supplements are a common biohack that almost everyone can implement into their daily lives.

The key here, once again, to consider what part of their life and their body they wish to improve. That can lead a person to which supplements to begin with. 

Harvard Health Research finds our diet is lacking in a number of essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and D. So, it's no wonder that more than half of us open a supplement bottle to get the nutrition we need. Many of us regularly take supplements to make up for what our bodies are missing, in order to help them function better. 


3 Key Supplements to help Biohack a Body’s Biology

Here are three supplements to help bodies reach peak performance potential. 

#1 Swiss Navy’s Triple X Testosterone Booster with Testofen®

Swiss Navy’s advanced formula offers a unique three-pronged testosterone boosting formula combined with a fourth prong that has prostate protective factors.

  • Prong 1: Hormone Releasing X Complex: Specific amino acids have been shown to support production of growth hormone.  L-Arginine may increase levels of growth hormone as well. Also, L-Arginine may facilitate tissue repair and decrease recovery time. 
  • Prong 2: Testosterone Boosting X Complex: Testofen® 600mg per day - Published clinical studies show it supports free testosterone levels, helps maintain muscle mass, and supports reduction in body fat.
  • Prong 3: Natural Factors X Complex: Tribulus Terrestris has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to help with stronger, more frequent erections, higher volume of ejaculate, and improved muscular density.
  • Prong 4: Prostate Safety X Complex: Increasing testosterone can also cause prostate growth, so this prong is an added protection for men over age 40. Saw palmetto supports prostate and urinary health in men. Beta sitosterol can bind to the prostate and reduce inflammation. BioPerine maximizes absorption and increases bioavailability.

#2 Desire by Swiss Navy’s Daily Supplements for Sexual Health

Swiss Navy Desire is formulated to support a female’s sex drive and intensify intimate sensations. When taken daily, Swiss Navy Desire may enhance overall sexual health, as well as support daily energy.

Active biohacking ingredients include a proprietary blend that includes Maca, which in females can help increase libido and help relieve symptoms of menopause. Oat Straw extract, which is a natural herbal supporter for women’s sexual health. L-Histidine, which is the chemical responsible for triggering orgasms, and is an essential amino acid that enhances sexual arousal and intensifies female climax. And, among other natural ingredients, L-Tyrosine, which can help increase libido by increasing dopamine levels.

#3 Swiss Navy’s Herbal Viva for Men and Women

A proprietary blend that includes natural ingredients beneficial for female and male sexual function. Herbal Viva was formulated to support energy and increase arousal in both men and women, and may enhance pleasure and increase libido.


Supplements Support Health

“In addition to a healthy diet, there is evidence that some supplements can benefit your overall well-being with little to no risk,” according to Dr. Jeffrey Millstein of Penn State Medicine.

Some dietary supplements can improve overall health and help manage some health conditions, according to the National Institutes of Health Offices of Dietary Supplements consumer fact sheet

Of course, as mentioned above, people are recommended to discuss options with their healthcare provider, since a supplement’s effectiveness may depend on an individual’s situation and health.

Please remember to check back often as new blogs are posted with lots of helpful information and wellness tips addressing your own intimate concerns. 


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