A Beginner’s Guide to Lube

Hello Newbie! 

It’s always exciting to try something new. Thinking about a new experience or trying a product you’ve never used before can cause chills of anticipation. 

But, since this is new territory, you may not know…

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Let's Talk About Anal Lube

Welcome to Anal August! 

It’s unknown when August started being celebrated as Anal Sex Month, but some say it dates back to the late 1920s. Anal August is about recognizing anal play as a healthy sex practice, promoting choices for…

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The Secret Benefits of Arousal Potions

Ready to unleash your secret superpower? Arousal potions may be able to help! 

Did you know that most arousal potions are formulated to increase blood flow to the genital tissue, which helps enhance sexual arousal and natural lubrication, and many…

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4 Simple Tips to Level Up Your Massage Game

Massage is a great tool for relaxation, pain relief, easing muscle tension and—best of all—connecting with your partner! But, do you know what your partner enjoys or what makes for the best massage lotion? We have four easy ways YOU…

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3 Ways to Enjoy those Hot Summer Nights


Oh, those hot summer nights! 

If you ask people about their favorite memories, most will involve recollections of hot summer evenings spent with family and friends—and more often than not, many of those memories bring back frisky romps and young…

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June is Men’s Health Month


June serves as Men’s Health Month, with the goal of increasing awareness of male health issues on a global level. Each year since June 1994, the Men’s Health Network has focused on the month which includes the U.S. Father’s…

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Lube + Sex Over 50


Let’s get right to the point, over age 50, personal lubricant is essential. 


Things Change 

There is no age limit on sexuality. But, over age 50 our bodies start to change. For women, menopause is a concern, as is vaginal…

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