The Secret Benefits of Arousal Potions

Ready to unleash your secret superpower? Arousal potions may be able to help! 

Did you know that most arousal potions are formulated to increase blood flow to the genital tissue, which helps enhance sexual arousal and natural lubrication, and many have been reported to amplify orgasms? 

These are just a few benefits that you should know about when it comes to arousal potions. Let’s jump into other secret benefits that you may not know. 


What is an Arousal Potion? 

In my opinion, arousal potions are topical solutions to intimate issues. 

Arousal potions are formulated to create a pleasurable response when applied. And many can assist with those loving feelings

According to WebMD, a human’s Sexual Response Cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. 

Excitement is tied to a persons’ sexual desire or libido. And for many people, that feeling of desire can be lacking and sexual excitement is hard to attain. This is when an arousal potion can be beneficial in reaching the first sexual response cycle. 

While many people automatically think of sex toys when wanting to try something new in the bedroom, often its much simpler to explore sexual enhancement creams, gels, lotions, or sprays. Most topical solutions are far less expensive than a battery-operated pleasure product and can provide a variety of sensations and responses that a sex toy cannot. 


The Main Function of Arousal Potions 

A topical solution is primarily made to enhance sexual pleasure and help ease discomfort. 

According to a study by the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida in West Palm Beach, participants reported that using an arousal gel increased sensitivity in their genital area and made their intimate experience better. Overall, study participants reported significant improvements in sexual arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction. 


How do Arousal Potions work their Magic? 

Most arousal gels use natural ingredients to increase the delivery of oxygen and blood flow to the genital region, which is not surprising considering 70% of medicine comes from nature. The ingredients used act as vasodilators, which are medications that open, or dilate, blood vessels. 

Topical arousal potions can cause a cooling or warming effect depending on the body’s natural response to their ingredients. Cooling arousal potions often use peppermint or menthol as their active ingredients, while extracts such as cinnamon, capsicum or damiana are used to produce a warming sensation. 

First and foremost, be sure to always check ingredients prior to use if you happen to have any allergies or if the ingredients may cause adverse effects due to medication or health issues. 


Little Known Benefits of Arousal Potions 

  • Heart Healthy 

One ingredient often included in arousal potions is Arginine or L-arginine, which is an amino acid made in the body.  It’s a commonly used ingredient in arousal potions because it relaxes blood vessels—and as an added benefit it may have cardiovascular benefits for some people, according to WebMD. 

  • ED Assistance 

A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that L-arginine helped men dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) achieve normal erections. And Healthline reported that L-arginine may help increase testosterone levels. Also good to note—medical research has found men using enhancement topicals have an average increase of almost 40% in the ability to have penetrative sex. 

  • Improve Female Sexual Response 

A 2016 study published in the National Library of Medicine found that female use of an arousal potion could improve female sexual response. Many arousal potions are able to increase clitoral blood flow by an average of 69%. 

  • Increase Likelihood of Orgasm + Boost Climax Intensity 

I may have saved the best beneficial attribute for last. Many arousal potions are designed to directly stimulate the clitoris, which has over 8,000 nerve endings—making it a powerful pleasure center. These arousal potions help magnify pleasure by increasing blood flow and amping sensations. 


Review of 6 Benefits

  1. Possible cardiovascular benefits 
  2. Assist with erections 
  3. May increase testosterone levels 
  4. Help improve female sexual response 
  5. Help attain orgasm 
  6. Amplify orgasm 


Ready to try an Arousal Potion for Yourself? Start HERE 

Heighten Female Intimate Sensitivity 

Studies show that up to 50% of women will experience a sexual dysfunction in their lifetime and that the majority of women do not achieve orgasm from intercourse alone. If orgasm is achieved, it is most often due to clitoral stimulation. 

The use of a topical arousal potion, such as Viva Cream or Desire by Swiss Navy’s Sexy Stimulating Cream, may be helpful in exploring new pleasurable sensations. 

Increase Male Sexual Stamina & Pleasure 

Swiss Navy Max Size is a natural male enhancement product that is formulated to significantly dilate blood vessels and capillaries. 

In clinical trials, users report increased sexual stamina and male enhancement without any side effects. Users have reported a distinct sensation of pleasure and enhancement within moments of application. 

Couple Enhancement 

For the best of both worlds, INFUSE is a set of arousal potions for both partners. 

INFUSE is pH balanced and provides females with warming/cooling sensations to promote her sensitivity, while promoting male endurance and maximizing his tactile pleasure. 


Swiss Navy is Always Here to Help 

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