Your Lube Bucket List: 5 New Things For YOU To Try!

Do you have a bucket list?

In reality, most people do have a bucket list in one way or another. To some, it includes new hobbies they’d like to try. For others, it’s a list of places that they hope to visit. 

Today, I’m going to encourage you to try something new—write your lubricant bucket list! 

That’s right. So many people use one type of lube or get stuck in a lubricant routine. I’m here to share with you that there are ALL types of lubes available and why you should add them to your lube bucket list. 


First Things First, WHY Should You Have a Bucket List 

Sure, there are people who think creating a list of anything sounds restrictive. However, making your own bucket list can be great for focusing your wants, thoughts, desires, curiosities, and intentions. 

Some people collect recipes, others collect shoes (don’t judge). 

Whatever your inspiration is, bucket lists should not be limited to travel spots and things to learn before you literally kick the bucket

Bucket lists can be helpful—and healthy—for keeping things in your life fresh and stimulating. 


But, WHY a LUBE Bucket List? 

Of course, I’m focusing on lubricants because I hear way too often that a person has used the same type of lubricant for their entire lives. (Stay tuned for my article on updating your lube as you age!) 

Not only do your body’s needs change as it ages, but your personal lubrication levels can also fluctuate depending on medication, medical situations, psychological and emotional stress, and even the amount of water that you drink. Yes, research has found that dehydration can hinder erections—so drink up if you want help achieving or maintaining an erection! 

While these are ALL great reasons to try new lube, I’d also like to point out an additional, somewhat important reason, that may resonate with you personally. 

Repeat after me – “Trying new lube is FUN!” 

That’s right. Trying something new can give us a rush of excitement, and who doesn’t love a thrill? 

Psychologist Rich Walker of Winston-Salem State University researched 30,000 event memories and over 500 diaries, ranging from durations of 3 months to 4 years, and found that people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions. 

So, in theory, your trying new lubes can also create more positivity and happiness in your life. 


How Do You Write Your Own Lube Bucket List? 

While there aren’t any rules to this… I do have a few suggestions to share. 

  • Start with something you’re always wanted to try. 
  • Ask your partner for suggestions. 
  • Add something crazy, because you never know, it may become your new favorite lube! 
  • Research ideas. 
  • Don’t judge yourself! If it resonates with you—then you should give a new lube a try. 

And, please, try not to put too much pressure on this! Make it fun! You won’t be graded on your lube bucket list—unless you would like me to grade yours… 


Lube Bucket List Inspiration – 5 Ideas to Kickstart YOUR Bucket List 

Are you stuck? It can be easy to be uncertain of what to try. There is quite a variety of lubricants available, and each seem to speak to different goals (comfortability, masturbation, enhancement, reducing an eco-footprint, etc.). 

So, in case you find yourself pondering where to start, I’ve put together a list of lube inspirations to jumpstart your bucket list! 

  1. Consider trying a flavored lubricant. Flavored lubricants can help people feel more comfortable with oral sex and can add playfulness to sexual activities. 
  2. Go au’naturel! Trying something like Swiss Navy’s All-Natural Lubricant can be a foray into intimate health.  
  3. Try the warmth and goodness of a warming lube. A warming lube can provide an erotic sensation.  
  4. Experience new sensations with a sensual arousal gel. Intimate tingling may intensify sex play for you and your partner.  
  5. It’s time to try a masturbation cream. Level up your self love!  

My ‘How to Choose the Right Lube for You’ article may also provide some inspiration – you can check it out here - 

One last suggestion—I recommend you consider something like 4-in-1 Playful Flavors, which is basically a BB Cream for your intimate life. These multi-purpose lubricants provide four ways to play: Warming, Edible, Lubricant, and Massage.  


BTW, what is a Reverse Bucket List? 

Well, some experts say that writing down your achievements is a great way to see how much you can be grateful for. 

In this case, let’s say you’ve tried several new types of lubricants (congratulations!!), creating a reverse bucket list can help you keep track of your accomplishments. It can be encouraging to see all the new things you’ve tried. 


On Your Mark. Get Ready. GO! 

There’s no time like the present to try something new. I suggest starting on your lube bucket list today! 

Perhaps you’d like to go even further with your lubricant experimentations? Check out my ‘7 Reasons Why Lube should be a part of Your Wellness Routine’ article. 

And, please, feel free to send me your list so we can both enjoy your creativity. Enjoy!  


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