7 Reasons Why Lube Should be a Part of Your Wellness Routine


A wellness routine is meant to enhance your lifestyle and give you a healthy boost. Some people have workout routines, while others have skincare routines—and many have both! 

Since every part of a person’s health is important, perhaps you should consider creating an intimate wellness routine.


The Foundation of a Simple Intimate Wellness Routine 

1.  Drink more water. 

Yes, the first step is simple. When a person is hydrated, it can help with better self-lubrication. Medical News Today has reported that dehydration can adversely affect sexual performance. 

2.  Get plenty of sleep. 

The Sleep Foundation states that research shows quality sleep can promote a better sex life, and a healthy sex life can facilitate improved sleep. 

3.  Embrace your sexual self. 

While partnered sex can be wonderful and fulfilling, solo sex with yourself can help keep you connected to your sexual side. Knowing what feels good, and what doesn’t, can help make sex with your partner even better! 


7 Reasons Why Lube Should be a Part of Your Wellness Routine 

Many people don’t understand the importance of personal lubricants during all types of sex play—solo sex, partnered sex, sex toy play, etc. Delicate penis tissue can be damaged by friction and vaginal micro tears can happen even with the gentlest lovemaking. 

Reason #1: Ease Discomfort 

Dryness can be uncomfortable. Lube is a great way to ease dryness. Depending on the type of sex being enjoyed, consider a silicone formula that will provide long-lasting lubrication. 

Reason #2: Increase Sensitivity and Arousal 

Lubricants make fingers, body parts, and sex toys glide better—which feels better! 

Remember, too, that there are sensual arousal formulas that combine ingredients for lubrication AND sexual stimulation—Win-Win! 

Reason #3: Decrease Friction 

While some friction can feel good, other times friction can be downright painful. Personal lubricant is perfect to keep play smooth and satisfying. 

Reason #4: Combat the Drying Effects of Aging, Medications, and Hormones 

There are several factors that can inhibit your body from producing enough natural lubrication. That’s where personal lube comes in! Lubricants can assist your bodies natural lubrication when it isn’t working at full capacity. 

Reason #5: Makes Sex Feel Better! 

Research by Indiana University found that almost 70 percent of women reported using lubricants made sex feel very pleasurable and more comfortable. 

Reason #6: Lube is Essential for Anal Sex 

Because the rectum is not self-lubricating, it’s very important to use lubrication—especially a lube made specifically for anal play. Consider Swiss Navy’s Premium Anal Lubricant that includes clove oil, which is a great natural remedy for moisturizing dry skin and is a natural anesthetic to help numb and reduce pain. 

Reason #7: Makes Condoms Safer 

Lube can help make condoms less likely to break or fall off. But keep in mind, if you’re using latex condoms, make sure to use a water-based or silicone lubricant since oil-based lubes can cause the condom to break down. 


Are YOU Ready to Start Your Own Intimate Wellness Routine? 

Those are seven great reasons why personal lubricant should be incorporated into your own intimate wellness, plus three simple steps you can take to get started.


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