4 Things That Should NOT Be Used As Personal Lubricant


Some people may think that just anything can be used for personal lubricant. But this is not the case. 

There are many reasons why consumers should seek intimate lubrication that is made specifically for the human body. 


Why it’s ALWAYS a Good Idea to use Lube

Personal lubricants can add a level of comfort and enjoyment to intimate activities. 

According to research published in Science Daily, personal lubricants have long been recommended to improve the comfort of intercourse and to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing in females. Public health professionals also recommend the addition of lubricant to condoms during sexual activity.

Medical News Today reports that intimate lubrication reduces friction, increasing comfort during sex and minimizing any feelings of soreness or irritation.

And the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) states that for women, vaginal lubrication is an important part of sexual arousal. Its use helps prepare the vagina for penetration. And suggests that the application of personal lubricant can play a part in foreplay. 


Why Personal Lubricant should be actual Lube

Sure, a person may be tempted to simply use spit or whatever else they may have handy as lube. Please, urge them not to. 

For one thing, saliva is more watery, dries up quickly, and does not have the slippery characteristics needed to provide good intimate lubrication. 

Health.com also warns against using saliva since it is possible to transmit STIs via spit during sexual activities. 

And, before a person considers only eliminating spit from sexual activities, here are three other things that should never be used as personal lubricant. 


4 Things that should NOT be used as Personal Lubricant

#1 Saliva

As previously discussed above, using spit as lube is a bad idea. 

#2 Petroleum Jelly

Perhaps you know this by its popular brand name of Vaseline, which uses petroleum as its main ingredient. 

For more than 140 years, Vaseline has been used as a healing balm and an ointment for wounds, burns, and chafed skin. Its consistency is easily spreadable, which is why some people may consider using it for intimate activities. 

However, Heathline reports that petroleum jelly should be used externally only due to potential side effects, such as allergies, infections, and even clogged pores. And according to Reuters, a study found that 40 percent of women tested positive for harmful bacteria when using petroleum jelly internally. 

#3 Any type of Food or Drink

This one should be a no-brainer. But, sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people grab whatever is handy to aid with lubrication and moisture. 

The biggest risk is that edible substances, such as food or drink, will not be absorbed by the body or can react negatively with a body’s chemistry. 

Many people may think butter is OK to use as a personal lubricant, however, Medical News Today reports that it is not safe and may increase the risk of infection and irritation. 

#4 Coconut Oil

For a while coconut oil as lube was having a moment. Of course, many people assume its safe to use as a sex lube because it’s natural. 

Well, before a person proceeds to try it for themself, know that it has antimicrobial properties, which may disrupt healthy vaginal flora and pH balance. This disruption may lead to infections. 

Another thing to keep in mind when considering coconut oil as intimate lube is that it is in fact an oil—which means it can weaken latex condoms.


Good Lube is Good Lube

So while it may be tempting for consumers to grab whatever is on hand during intimate encounters, you as a retailer should ask them to keep the health of their genitals in mind and always encourage shoppers to choose a high-quality personal lubricant. 

Swiss Navy has several types of intimate lubricants available, each created to deliver a great experience during sexual activities. From water-based, to silicone, to 100% natural without the use of parabens and glycerin, there is something for everyone available by Swiss Navy. 


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