3 Reasons Why Lube Should Be On Your Holiday Shopping List

3 Reasons Why Lube Should Be On Your Holiday Shopping List

According to statistics, shopping for your spouse or partner is the most difficult part of holiday shopping. And research shows that as a person ages, it becomes even tougher, with half of people considering themselves awful gift givers. 

It appears most of us worry about getting our gift choices right—and considering intimate presents can notch up those feelings of uncertainty. This may explain why so many people rely on gift cards... 

3 Reasons Lube Should Be On Your Holiday Shopping List 

  1. This is your opportunity to make your holiday season sexy! 
  2. Intimate gifts can supercharge your relationship! 
  3. Lets love be at the top of your holiday shopping list! 

Intimate Gift Giving - minus Frustrations & Uncertainty 

Did you know there is a science behind giving good gifts? 

According to the book Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, giving a bad gift can harm a relationship. Looking at the psychology of presents to significant others, research shared in this book found that undesirable gifts can sometimes negatively impact the receiver’s perception of a relationship’s future potential. This is why it can be worth the effort to take your time when choosing gifts for the love of your life. 

And it’s also good to know that research found spending more money is not a guarantee for the perfect gift. 

Often a person will spend a lot of money on gifts that don’t “fit” their relationship or their partner. Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful presents that mean the most. 

So, let’s quickly review a few options when deciding on an intimate gift for your loved one. 

  • Think about their Likes and Dislikes 
  • Consider their “Pain Points” 
  • Think about the Long Term 
  • Be Unique 

Likes & Dislikes: 

Does she complain about lack of adventurousness in the bedroom? Would he enjoy a slicker lube for less friction? 

Think about a few intimate items that could enhance your love life. Sometimes, adding a new lube to the mix is just the implied invitation that your partner needs to imagine snuggly experiences in their future. 

Consider their “Pain Points”: 

Has your partner mentioned that your lubricant dries out? Or that they’re uncomfortable with oral play? 

Deeply listen to their concerns and choose a new lube that encompasses flavor or provides a longer glide. Showing your partner that you would like to help them better intimately enjoy themselves can go a long way on building closeness. 

Think about the Long Term: 

Sure, you’re giving them gifts during this holiday season, but be ensured that these presents will be used—and enjoyed—for months to come! 

Take your time and choose gifts that can be used, and reused, over the months ahead. 

Be Unique: 

Leave those obvious romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day! This means flowers and chocolates aren’t going to cut it. Unless it’s a chocolate-flavored lubricant, of course. 

Did you know there are products made specifically for the female body? The Desire by Swiss Navy collection addresses her concerns and needs. 

Do you think he would enjoy a gift that promised multiple enjoyment possibilities? The Playful Flavors collection offers smooth water-based lubrication, delicious edible flavors, and a warming massage experience. 

Just Ask 

Hey, there is nothing wrong with asking your lover what they would like for their intimate holiday gift. If nothing else, this simple question can be the start of a wonderful—and perhaps eye-opening—conversation. 

Of course, everyone wants to surprise their mate. This harkens back to those Christmas mornings when all manner of surprises awaited under the tree. But, by asking if there is anything in particular that they would like (or would like to try *wink, wink*) it can still be a surprise and be a better gift because it is something they want. 

One final word of advice – Don’t Overthink! 

Go with your gut instinct. 

Deep down, you KNOW your lover and you can probably imagine what they would like to add to their intimate lifestyle. You’ve heard their concerns. You’ve shared dreams and fantasies. The holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of intimate closeness. 

Choosing a lubricant or other intimate consumable product can feel tricky, especially since there are so many options that can be used for specific types of sex play. For inspiration and information, check out our Swiss Navy Online Lube Shopping Guide to learn more. 

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